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The Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies (ACCWS) is a state-level think-tank specializing in studies of contemporary China and the world, global governance, global communication strategy designing and policy planning, China’s image building, international public opinion, translation and international discourse system.

The academy was formerly known as the Center for International Communication Studies under China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration (China International Publishing Group), which was established in 2004. Under the academy are 8 research centers, international cooperation department, international news center and several other functional departments, with nearly 100 in-house researchers and dozens of guest researchers.

Renowned for its studies on practical subjects and corresponding suggestions, the academy offers more than 20 dynamic research products, launches global surveys of China’s national image, publishes annual reports on the survey of Chinese enterprises’ global image, and organizes the “Contemporary China and the World” think tank forums and dozens of bilateral and multilateral think tank dialogue every year in different countries and regions. The academy is also the sponsor of national journals such as Chinese Translators Journal and International Communications.

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